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Bali with James and Melissa

An escape to paradise that is Bali with the Runafter team.

From sun-bleached seasides and lush green terraces to tastefully designed cafes, we scoured the island for the best sites and returned home with plenty of digital keepsakes. Come, join our adventure around the island.

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Recent Work

They say that love turns up in unexpected places and this is the story of Chris and Allison. The lovely couple met in the UK and never stopped meeting. Despite being from entirely different cultures, Allison’s parents welcomed Chris with open arms and with their parents and friends’ blessings, he put a ring on it at The Clifford Pier. The best man’s speech did welcome gales of laughter, while the guests got a chance at busting their moves too as the night closed in to one of merrymaking and (let’s just say) a couple of drinks.