We are a dedicated team of professional image makers, creating and capturing your most poignant moments. From soulful engagements, to romantic weddings, star-lit picnic dates and everything in between, one can never shed too many grateful tears. With our timeless imagery and vast experiences, we bring unique & intricate experiences to these treasured memories. We delight in translating them into a beautiful imagery that you and your loved ones keep and recollect together.

Established in 2013, we curate & deliver the best of what the wedding industry can offer.

Come show us your journey as we craft them bespoke, with photos, personalised just for you & your beloved, as well as your loved ones.


The founder and owner of Natalie Wong Photography, who made her childhood dream of being a photographer into a reality. She is highly attuned to her couple's needs and has sharp precision in photography. With both attributes, she is well versed to capture the couple’s candid moments without looking unnatural. Her passion is ignited by creativity and a bout of laughter shared with her clients.


He is a part of the photography team in NWP. His photography skills and passion are unmatched. Your photos will look as if they came straight out of a high-end fashion wedding magazine. Fang Jie’s photos portray an artistic flair with an honest expression, unique to his couple.


A wedding is a BIG event that requires months of preparation. Every little thing needs attention to make that Big Day perfect! All you need now, is to capture everything in time. Contact us now to chat about how we can meet your needs!