Natalie Wong Photography (NWP) is not your average wedding photographer. We understand that it’s always the spontaneous and candid moments that we fondly remember and reminisce about. Therefore, we endeavour to capture the authentic emotions of our client’s relationship whilst looking the most natural — giving our clients something tangible to cherish for years to come! 

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Natalie is the founder and owner of Natalie Wong Photography. She is highly attuned to her couple’s needs and has sharp precision in photography. With both attributes, she is well versed to capture the couple’s candid moments without looking unnatural. Her passion is ignited by creativity and a bout of laughter shared with her clients. Besides photography, Natalie enjoys a good dose of adrenaline-pumping activities like Muay Thai and wakeboarding.


Fang Jie is a part of the photography team in NWP. His photography skills and passion are unmatched. Your photos will look as if they came straight out of a high-end fashion wedding magazine. Fang Jie’s photos portray an artistic flair with an honest expression, unique to his couple.



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