When your wedding ends, what do you look to reminiscence? Wedding Photographs. Weddings are one of life’s biggest events. At the end, wedding photographs will be your most treasured wedding keepsakes.

In other words, it is key to choose the right photographer to capture your intimate moments.

It can sound a little daunting at first, so here are 5 simple tips to follow to hire the right wedding photographer for you.




Firstly, shortlist a few of your top favourite wedding photography styles.

This will help decide which photographer you’d want to hire. Not sure where to start looking for wedding inspiration? Start by looking on Instagram – wedding photographers usually showcase their best works there. Research and save the photography styles you like.  After, review and narrow down to you and your partner’s most favourite styles. Some types of wedding photography styles are:

  • Documentary: Focuses on capturing photos as the day unfolds. You can expect spontaneous and candid shots.
  • Portraiture: A range of traditional and classic style portraits to artistic and dramatic touch.
  • Fine Art: Dramatic and gorgeous shots such as blurred background, film grain or black and white shots.
  • Edgy and Bold: Even more dramatic than fine art, this style has tilted edges and unconventional framing.




Have friends who are already married? Ask them for recommendations! They’ll be more than happy to share their personal experiences. Some questions to ask: How was it like working with (xx) photographer? Can I view some of your wedding photos? Would you hire him/her again? Would you recommend him/her to me?




After shortlisting a few wedding photographers, enquire about their availability on your wedding date and set up a meeting with them if available. Make sure to share your venue, expectations, wedding style, and any other questions or concerns you may have. If they are not available, ask for a referral who has a similar photography style to them. 




An experienced wedding photographer would have a substantial amount of past works and portfolio to showcase his/her works. Look through his/her portfolio and see if his/her style is compatible with what you are looking for. Some significant shots to take note: first march in, unveiling of the bride, locking of eyes between bride and groom, reactions of family and guests. Also, bear in mind lighting and photo composition. You don’t want your photos to look too staged and posed.

Pro Tip: Look at wedding portfolios with a setting/venue similar to yours. If your venue is at the beach, choose beach wedding photos and assess the shots. You can get a better gauge of how your wedding photos will turn out.




When you are comfortable with your photographer, your smiles will be genuine and your photos will look nicer. In addition, you want to make sure your photographer knows when to be bold and actively seize the perfect shot. You would not want a photographer who is passive and timid as he/she may miss the perfect shot. Neither do you want a photographer who is obnoxious when presenting his/her idea, enforcing his/her own way without addressing your needs. In short, ensuring your photographer’s personality is compatible with yours is a small but important consideration.

Lastly, your wedding is one of the special days of your life. You and your partner should focus on enjoying the moment of that day and not worry about other nuances. I hope these tips have helped your decision in hiring a wedding photographer and strike one more task off your wedding checklist. 😊