How to Make the Most of Your Pre Wedding Shoot

What is a Pre Wedding shoot?

Pre wedding shoots are fun and expressive. You probably heard of them, but really, what is a pre wedding shoot? Well, pre wedding shoots are all about the raw and spontaneous moments of your relationship. Nowadays many couples celebrate with pre wedding photography before their wedding.


Why You Want a Pre Wedding Shoot

There’s a ton of reasons why Pre wedding shoots are important. It lets you get comfortable in front of the camera before your big day. Plus, you’ll have beautiful photos to use for wedding invites and wedding gifts. Additionally, you’ll get a feel of how you’ll look like in photos with your hair and makeup done. Finally, pre wedding photos becomes part of your cherished keepsakes after your wedding.

Want to be well prepared for your pre wedding shoot?  In this blogpost, here’s what you need to know to get the most of your pre wedding shoot.



Location affects the mood of your photos. If you love the great outdoors, consider a nature shoot. The flora and fauna add a mysterious flair for lovers in their secret happy place. If nature is not your thing, try architecture. The warm and cream coloured church walls, from the 18th century boasts historic grandeur in your photos. Or the clean sleek hotel walls exude luxurious, lavish vibes. For the best location, choose based on the style of your wedding photos.

There are certain places like Singapore National Museum or Changi Airport etc. which requires a fee and permit. Before confirming, you’ll want to double check availability and book a slot with them.


When Should I Take My Pre Wedding Shoot?

Being in Singapore, we know the obvious, afternoons are blazing hot. Imagine shooting under the scotching sun, perspiring through your gorgeous outfits and ruining your beautiful make up. Avoid the heat. Start out at 7am, for morning shoots and around 5.30pm for evening shoots. Alternatively, you can settle for the unknown and brace the rain.


What To Wear For A Pre Wedding Shoot

Hey Nat, what do I wear to a pre wedding shoot?” This is one of the most common questions I get from couples, prior to shoot day. If you thought the same, these are some pre wedding outfit inspirations to consider.

Coordinate your clothes. This subtle effect upgrades your pre wedding photos by a mile.  Coordinate by colour, styles or theme. You won’t look cheesy, but rather stand out from the typical pre wedding photos.

If you like a more chill and laid-back style, consider pure whites. They’re simple and clean. It’s basically a white top and blue denim jeans.

For a dramatic and exciting style, choose solid colours. They’ll make you pop in photos. If you prefer the flamboyant look, choose strong colours. For a dreamier look, choose muted colours.

Did you know, gowns and suits are very versatile? They’re not only formal styles. For a smart casual style, ditch the tie or leave your hair down. If you’re looking for gowns and suits, I’ll be more than happy to share with you my contacts.

fun and casual pre wedding photoshoot


What Items to Bring For A Pre Wedding Shoot

Feeling unsure what to pack for your pre wedding shoot? Many people might have shared with you their packing list. Here’s a list of items I recommend to bring for your pre wedding shoot.

  • Singapore is very hot. Beat the heat with battery operated fans to cool you down in the heat!
  • Bring tissues to gently dap sweat and clean smudge make up issues.
  • Better safe than sorry, bring a make-up bag for light touch ups, in case your make up runs.
  • If you’re wearing stilettoes, bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes!
  • Bring insect repellent to protect yourself from those pesky insect bites. True story, I was shooting a couple when my bride got bitten and her skin begin swell almost instantly. Thank goodness the shoot was ending when that happened.
  • Don’t forget to bring sun spray to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.
  • Bring water or drinks to hydrate yourself. This is especially crucial for outdoor locations with no shops nearby.


Pre wedding Skin Care Secrets

Now for the most important tip. Pre wedding Skin care. Follow these best skin care practices for dewy and glowing skin during your pre wedding photoshoot.

Sleep early the night before so you’ll wake up feeling well rested and energized during the shoot.

Unless you are a professional makeup artist, I highly suggest you to book your Makeup Artist in advance for your make up and hair. Oh yes, Do Not Condition your hair the night before. Soft and silky hair is harder to style and hold its shape.

Avoid salty food the day before to prevent bloated face.

Unless you love your tan lines, I suggest avoid sun tanning for a few months prior to the shoot to have an even skin shade in your photos.


How is a Pre-Wedding Shoot Done?

Do you worry about freezing in front of the camera? Here’s an advice. Be Yourselves. Don’t settle to be others. Be yourselves and your expressions, actions and poses will come up naturally. That’s how you overcome the awkwardness in your pre wedding shoot.  If you are still unsure, here are some tips to make your shoot easier.

Make shoots fun by focusing on your partner and enjoying each other’s company. As you focus on each other, the stress of posing for the camera will fade away.

Pretend you’re on a date. Share a joke or hold hands while looking into each other’s eyes. Do stuff that you both normally do for natural reactions in your photos

Saw something on Instagram and like to try it out? Anything you like or dislike about it? Tell us! Bringing your ideas to life is exciting and I take it as a challenge to fulfil your request. If you’re happy with your shoot, I am too! So, if you have anything brewing in your hearts, sound it out.



As we conclude, I sincerely hope that you find this post helpful and you’re now more confident for your pre wedding shoot. Pre-Wedding shoots are enjoyable and memorable don’t let intimidation stop you!


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